10 New Finds for Your Cinco de Mayo SoundCloud Mixtape

Click play to hear 10 tracks we found on SoundCloud this week that we think you’ll dig. See the track list below the player, complete with links to the SoundCloud accounts where we found each track.

Paul Simon, “Wristband” on Concord Music.

flowers de moon, “Symbiotic” via ObscureSound

Sally Shapiro, “If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind” via ObscureSound

Aurora, “Conquerer” via Sheffer Stroke

Wildcat! Wildcat!, “Relentless” via Wildcat! Wildcat!

Terror Jr., “Sugar” via Sheffer Stroke

Empty Houses, “Daydream” on Sargent House

Haley Bonar, “I Can Change” on GNDWIRE Records

Xenia Rubios, “Black Stars” on antirecords

Mitski, “Happy” on Dead Oceans


Here Is Your SoundCloud Mixtape for April 28th

I found eight songs to share on SoundCloud this week. Click the player to hear them.

“Into The Wild” by Wilder Lee on The A&R Department

“Repeat” by Jess Mac Cormac on Secret City Records

“Judas Said To Be A Man” by Trevor Sensor on Jagjaguwar Records

“A Love Song” by Ladyhawke on Polyvinyl Records

“Cold Blood” by Josiah & The Bonnevilles on Vagrant Records

“Nautical Things” by Katmaz on Obscure Sound (not a label)

“Barricade (Matter of Fact) by Yumi Zouma on Cascine

“Soldier And The Lady” by Anna & Elizabeth on Free Dirt Records