The Avett Brothers, Drowners, And Broods: Your June 24th New Release Mixtape

Here are 13 tracks from albums released today, June 24th. Pay particular attention to The Avett Brothers and Broods. You can play the mixtape on our YouTube page or click the embedded player below.

Have a safe weekend!

“True Sadness” by The Avett Brothers from True Sadness on Republic (Phantogram). A little bit more jaunty than I’ve come to expect from these bearded Americana pioneers. It’s a lovely chorus.

“Kid Who Stays In The Picture” by Hot Hot Heat from Hot Hot Heat on Kaw-Liga Records. Canadian veterans of Sub Pop are back after what feels like forever with a sneering post punk anthem.

“Tomorrow Crashes” by The Dead Ships from Citycide on Nevado Music. A three-piece rock band from LA. A little throaty.

“Starting Again” by Lisa Prank from Adult Teen on Father/Daughter Records (Mutual Benefit). She’s got a drum machine and a guitar and describes herself as a “trapper keeper pop punk” artist.

“Aerosol Ball” by The Felice Brothers from Life In The Dark on Yep Roc (Eli “Paperboy” Reed). “The cat ate the rat/and the beast ate the cat” all to an accordion.

“Doctor Doctor” by Oh Pep from Stadium Cake on Dualtone (The Lumineers). Progressive Australian duo adds a full band, drawing comparisons to Andrew Bird and Lucius.

“Tell Me” by Puro Instinct from Autodrama on Manifesto Records (Cellars). For fans of Madonna’s look and sound, circa 1986.

“In The Future” by Rational Youth from Future Past Tense (EP). Canadian synth duo crawl out from under the rock that crushed them in 1986, sounding exactly the same.

“He’s So Sorry” by Alice Bag from Alice Bag on Don Giovanni Records. Solo debut from a punk veteran and author/activist, going for a 50’s era sound.

“Meet You There (In Delaware)” by Dentist from Ceilings on Little Dickman Records. Lots of distorted vocals from a female-fronted New Jersey indie rock quartet.

“Cruel Ways” by Drowners from On Desire on Frenchkiss Records (The Dodos). Dark post punk anthem that is nonetheless catchy.

“Aftershock” by Cash Cash from Blood, Sweat, & 3 Years on Big Beat Records (David Guetta). This is straight up electronic pop fun (as long as you don’t watch the video) from collaborative producers whose song titles all include “feat.”

“Couldn’t Believe” by Broods from Conscious on Capitol Records (Bastille). Textured electronic anthem from a his-and-hers duo.




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