I won’t blame Beyoncé (wouldn’t dare) but I’m not overjoyed by this.

For music fans, though, Tuesday has always been album day. In general, Tuesday is easily the worst day of the week. All of the energy from Monday is gone, and Tuesday is too far from Friday to have any hope. Tuesdays are really terrible. The only thing good about Tuesdays was that at least we got a few new albums that we could celebrate or bemoan.

But soon, we won’t even have that. By moving albums to Fridays, the record industry has ruined Tuesday once and for all.

New albums will come out on Fridays instead of Tuesdays now. Blame Beyonce.

The Tallest Man on Earth And Death Cab for Cutie Released Tracks Yesterday And We Missed Them

The dawn cruelly reveals two major tracks released yesterday that we somehow missed. God help us.

The Tallest Man on Earth is The Best Thing in Music these past five years, and the song he released yesterday (“Sagres”) is a significant departure from what we’re used to. There’s actual production here beyond guitar tuning. I’m pretty sure I hear synthesizers. The vocal is more breathy and impassioned in parts than we’ve heard from the Swede. Still, though, it’s a winner.

And then Death Cab released “No Room in Frame” from their album due out March 31. This is a meaty thing. It does that chiga-chiga rhythm guitar thing that we’ve missed since the 80’s. And the lyric is kinda mesmerizing. Then there’s this misty lead guitar bit. And the percussion track—o just listen to it!

Release Roundup 006

Rocky: So I listened to those albums I was geeked about (well, two of them; Say Lou Lou only came out in, like, Scandinavia today. It’s international release isn’t until April 6). They are what we thought they were: good pop albums. In particular, this track from the Misterwives album is killer (especially at about the 2:25 mark):

The real money today, though, was in song releases. Matt & Kim released “Hoodie On,” and my love for their upcoming album grew another size.

Kelly Clarkson released not one but TWO new tracks off her upcoming album, “Invincible”

And the title track, “Piece By Piece”

And here’s the killer: Best Coast. Best Freaking Coast! They released a track called “California Nights” today that totally caught me by surprise. Their album is out May 5th.

And a treat just for you: a new Calexico joint called, “Falling From The Sky.”

Wednesday, 9:24pm

Landon: I was in a meeting all day yesterday so today is the first listen I got with the week’s tracks. As soon as I saw Best Coast I thought: “Rocky’s gonna have a field day with that one.” I loved it.

Death Cab was all it promised to be, and that Calexico tune has me hopeful.

But here’s where I get giddy: Nate Ruess of fun.

I just wanna put that boy in my pocket.

Rocky: That’s a great find. I also note that he’s a collaborator on this new Emile Haynie album that came out on Tuesday. Haynie’s a big time producer with the likes of Eminem on his dossier.

The collaboration is a track called “Fool Me Too”:

Bonus: the lead track on the album is sticky good.

Landon: Brian Wilson? Beach Boys Brian Wilson? Come on. That’s awesome.

Three Albums Coming Out Tomorrow We’re Geeked About

After tomorrow we’ll be two months down in our year of new album releases. So what does the last Sunday in February hold? Here are three albums ClapTrack will be adding to our libraries right away:

Say Lou Lou, “Lucid Dreaming”

Twin sisters from Sweden and Australia who make dreamy pop music. They’re in a crowded field, but singles like “Nothing But A Heartbeak” have us excited for what a whole album might contain (on Columbia).

Misterwives, “Our Own House”

Brooklyn-based indie pop outfit that released an EP last January. Check out the video for “Reflections” below. They’re on Photo Finish Records (The Mowglis).

Dutch Uncles, “O Shudder”

The fourth studio album from this British five-piece is being called “awkward” but also the best thing they’ve done yet (which, if you’ve never heard them, means nothing). Check out “Be Right Back” below and see what you think. Released on Memphis Industries (Cymbals Eat Guitars).